Chipmunks director?

Fox mentioned they wanted to make an ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS movie in the vein of the live-action GARFIELD films and they weren't kidding. The studio has hired Tim Hill, who directed the GARFIELD sequel, to direct their ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS movie. The film will use a human actor for the role of Dave Seville, father figure to the chipmunk trio, and CGI to create Alvin, Simon and Theodore. I think I've mentioned this before, but weren't the Chipettes kinda hot? Can we expect to see any of Britney, Eleanor, and Janette in this film? For a new generation of budding perverts, I certainly hope so. [OK, quick tangent. Hottest 80s cartoon girls: Chipettes, She-ra, Jem, Cheetara, Cleo from "Heathcliff" and that mouse from "Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers." E-mail me any others I've forgotten.] The Chipmunks were spawned in 1958 when Ross Bagdasarian created "The Chipmunks Song," the classic Christmas tune that's still popular today. Of course it was just sped up human voices but damn if it's not entertaining. Fox hopes to have the film ready for a release this Christmas, while Chipmunk nostalgia with their popular holiday song runs rampant.

Extra Tidbit: The Chipmunks voice first appeared on the novelty 50s hit "Witch Doctor" only to be renamed and then used for the classic Christmas album.
Source: Variety



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