Chloe Moretz to don fangs again for Dark Shadows

I wouldn't think you could be typecast as "tiny terrifying vampire girl" by Chloe Moretz is taking a step in that direction. After a horrifying turn in Matt Reeves' underappreciated LET ME IN, Moretz is heading back to a similar genre for DARK SHADOWS.

She joins Johnny Depp and Tim Burton in the project based on the '60s soap opera. She'll be playing the daughter of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (played by another Burton vet, Michelle Pfiefer). Moretz had been hinting she was about to join a "huge" project, but many people were thinking that it was THE HUNGER GAMES, a role she was being considered for at the time.

But that part went to Jennifer Lawrence, and Moretz will cut her teeth in DARK SHADOWS instead. She's also been attached to the rumored KICK-ASS sequel, but that film seems like it's starting to descend into development hell. She's also just wrapped HUGO CABARET with Martin Scorsese. A bright future, this young one has. Yes, you should say that in a Yoda voice.

What do you make of DARK SHADOWS? Burton, Depp and vampires all seems a bit...expected, but will this turn out to be a "huge" as Moretz says?

Extra Tidbit: Barely fourteen and 40 IMDB acting credits already? Not bad.
Source: Deadline



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