Chou is a Ninja

Collin Chou, known by most of you probably as 'Seraph' in THE MATRIX RELOADED/REVOLUTIONS, has outed himself as one of the four leads in the Wachowski Bros' next project, NINJA ASSASSIN. "I don't think I'm supposed to talk about it, but I am working with the Wachowski brothers next month, and I look forward to working with them again on a major movie," he said. Hopefully he was allowed to talk about it, since he gave that information up pretty fast. In fact, yes, he didn't even stop to start a new sentence before confirming the story, which I think we'll all agree isn't very 'ninja'. Details on NINJA ASSASSIN are pretty sketchy at the moment, all we really know is that it is an 'original' idea, and that Korean sensation 'Rain' aka. Jeong Ji-Hoon (SPEED RACER) will also be starring. The Wachowskis, will also only be writing and producing, with James McTeigue (V FOR VENEDETTA) assuming directorial responsibilities.

Usually you can tell from an actor what kind of project it's gonna be. You can say this guy made __, __ and __, so you can expect this will be good. But there is no such pattern with Chou so heaven knows what this will be like. In the last two years he made FEARLESS and DEAD OR ALIVE. That's pretty much the same as singing the hook in a Dr Dre song, and then appearing as guest speaker at a Klan meeting.
Extra Tidbit: Chou has 8 brothers and 4 sisters.
Source: SciFi Wire



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