Chow half off Hornet

After a whole lot of hopeful rumors, Asian superstar Stephen Chow officially came on board Seth Rogen's GREEN HORNET movie, both directing the pulp hero's exploits and co-starring as his bodyguard Kato.

Now Chow is officially not on board. Not completely, anyway -- he has vacated the director's chair, due to the now-familiar "creative differences." Curiously, however, he'll remain in front of the camera as Kato (a role previously played by another kung fu idol, Bruce Lee).

Kind of a bummer to anyone who appreciates Chow's directing (see SHAOLIN SOCCER or KUNG FU HUSTLE). The studio is hoping to swiftly find a suitable replacement director by the end of this year.

Rogen penned the script (with co-writer Evan Goldberg) and is putting on the mask to play newspaper owner Britt Reid who, in his spare time, fights crime alongside his loyal high-kicking sidekick.

Extra Tidbit: Chow co-starred in GOD OF GAMBLERS II, one of two sequels (the other being GOD OF GAMBLERS 2, aka GOD OF GAMBLERS RETURNS) to GOD OF GAMBLERS (starring Chow Yun-Fat). There was also GOD OF GAMBLERS III and GOD OF GAMBLERS 3 (a prequel). Dizzy?
Source: Variety



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