Chris Carter has written a third X-Files movie

Following the lackluster response that the second X-Files feature-film received, it seemed like the final nail had been driven into The X-Files' coffin. Then, by some sort of miracle, Fox decided to bring The X-Files back as a six-episode event series featuring the return of Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, and more of our X-Files favourites. While speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, X-Files creator Chris Carter revealed that before Fox approached him about bringing The X-Files back to television, he'd actually written a third X-Files film.

I actually wrote a third movie, just because I was interested in the idea of where that might go. It was less on spec. I call it a study, if you will.

When The X-Files revival series was officially a go, Carter thought about re-purposing the script for the new series but said that "I let my wife read the third movie, and she said 'I think not for television.'" The script for this potential third film is still on the table, but Chris Carter seems like he'd rather keep The X-Files on television for now. Chris Carter said "I'm waiting for Fox to come back and ask for more, then we'll talk about it." Both Fox and Carter seem keen to bring to show back for more seasons so long as the revival is well received. Gary Newman of Fox said "The biggest impediment to going forward with The X-Files was the schedules of David and Gillian, even the other night at the premiere, we were all laughing and joking about doing this again."

We're just a little over a week away from the premiere of The X-Files revival and despite the ho-hum reviews that have been lobbed at the first episode, I'm still extremely excited to join Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they return to the world of The X-Files on January 24th.

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