Chris Columbus is set to write and direct a Five Nights At Freddy's movie

Chris Columbus, who in the past has directed such films as ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, HOME ALONE, MS. DOUBTFIRE ... and PIXELS, has announced that he's partnering with Blumhouse to write and direct a feature film adaptation of Scott Cawthon's popular video games series FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S.

Released in 2014, the original FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S became an overnight sensation when the first-person survival horror video game became all the rage of YouTubers and online streamers worldwide. Currently, the FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S game series spans six different games, which casts players in the role of a security guard who is forced to survive several nights against a group of animatronic robots that come to life in a Chuck E. Cheese-like venue.

Columbus, who's no stranger to the realm of creep-tastic cinema after working on such films as GREMLINS and THE GOONIES, will certainly have his hands full with this one. After all, the FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S audience is quite rabid, and the filmmaker didn't exactly rack up any points with gamers after helming PIXELS, the 2015 family-friendly video game-inspired flop.

Do you think Columbus has what it takes to represent FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S properly on the big screen? Do you think that other characters will be added to the mix, or will this be a "one security guard against the horde" scenario? And while we're at it, who would you cast as the film's titular lead?

Let us know what you're thinking in the comments section below.

The FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S game series in availble now across several platforms including Android, iOS and more.



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