Chris Columbus remaking Korean film Hello Ghost

I remember when Chris Columbus was in the running to direct the SUPERMAN reboot, and I think we can all agree that we dodged a bullet there. The man has memorable films sure, HOME ALONE and HARRY POTTER among them, but I couldn't see his style working terribly well for SUPERMAN.

But now he does have a new project, and thankfully it's not a PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS THE LIGHTNING THIEF sequel, rather it's a remake of a Korean film called HELLO GHOST.

The original tells the story of a guy who tries, and fails, to kill himself. He's then haunted by four ghosts, whom he must help which eventually makes him no longer depressed. Sounds kind of like Ricky Gervais's GHOST TOWN, except he was just learning not to be a prick rather than avoid depression. That film was surprisingly good actually.

With Columbus on board, will they change the darker aspects of the original? Chris Columbus movies and attempted suicide don't really seem like they go together. Though judging by that Korean poster above, despite the self-harm it seems like a pretty lighthearted affair.

Extra Tidbit: I hope they keep calling it HELLO GHOST. That's an awesome title.
Source: Deadline



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