Cool Videos: Chris Evans stars in this commercial for Call of Duty Online

The CALL OF DUTY franchise has always been a big seller here in the United States. The games have drawn talented actors like Kevin Spacey while the advertising campaigns have been handled like Hollywood films. The latest entry in the series now has Captain America himself involved.

For the Chinese exclusive game CALL OF DUTY ONLINE, Activision has enlisted Chris Evans to portray, well, himself as he leads a group of gamers against foes big and small. The resulting ad is pretty damn cool and will likely make people wonder why the game isn't available stateside. For everyone else, just enjoy the production values for this trailer and wonder why we still haven't seen a CALL OF DUTY feature film.

In the meantime, enjoy Chris Evans showing that he can kick ass even when not wearing the Stars and Stripes. It is too bad he plans to retire after his Marvel contract as I could see him heading any number of action movies.

Source: YouTube



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