Chris Evans talks about balance in The Avengers

Since Marvel's superheroes are gathering to handle a situation so dire that requires all of their presence, we're expecting plenty of sizzling widescreen excitement when THE AVENGERS assemble next summer.

Fortunately, writer-director Joss Whedon has historically been more interested in and adept with interaction than just action, which is what the comic fans really want to see instead of CG spectacle when these characters get together. And Captain America himself Chris Evans says that will be reflected in the movie. "I think they struck a really good balance," Evans tells HuffPo. "There's obviously action, you've got all these super heroes, there's gonna be constant battle, I think every ten pages, there's going to be some sort of action, but you can have all the action in the world, if you don't have some substance, you got nothing."

"I don't want to sh*t talk other movies, I know a lot of other movies like that where it's all action and no heart. It's not easy trying to bring all those characters together and find a story, but the best thing about Joss is that Joss is a fan, Joss is a comic book guy. It feels so nice working with a guy that is well, the people I am trying to please is Joss. Joss is one of those dudes. And if Joss is happy with the dialog, if Joss is happy with the wardrobe, if Joss is happy, then I'm happy. Because he's Comic-Con, he's one of these dudes who would be in the audience geeking out, so if he's happy, I'm happy."

Evans also says he shares a lot of screen time with Tony Stark/Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., for whom he shows no small amount of manlove: "You'll do a take and he gives you a little thumbs up and he just makes your day. You're like, Downey just gave me a thumbs up! That just made my life. I'm like skipping to my trailer, and this guy had no idea the impact he just had. He's just such a nice guy and he was the first dude -- I've made a lot of movies with a lot of big actors -- the first guy I'd ever been on set, and he comes on set, and it was the first time I was ever like, 'Wow, that's a f*cking movie star. That is a f*cking movie star."

Source: HuffPo



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