Chris Evans to play a parental figure for director Marc Webb in Gifted


Marc Webb is taking things down a notch after directing the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN flicks, as his follow-up will focus on a more intimate story. As The Hollywood Reporter states, his next picture, GIFTED, will follow a man who tries to raise the brilliant young daughter of his dead sister, but has to battle with the child's mother over custody. Unless the twist is that she's a zombie mom, I'm guessing the dead sister was most likely in a same-sex relationship. As for the man raising the daughter, who better than Captain America's own Chris Evans?

Evans is the only actor that's been announced for the project thus far, but given the director's penchant for "casting in pairs," I'm sure he'll give Evans a hell of a co-star in the daughter. I've certainly enjoyed aspects of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films, but 500 DAYS OF SUMMER really showed off Webb's strengths as a director as far as characters and chemistry goes. Here's hoping he can wash the bad taste of SPIDEY 2 with GIFTED.

GIFTED will shoot this fall.



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