Chris Evans to star in snowpocalyptic film Snow Piercer

Rising star Chris Evans, who is finally able to take a breather from the role of Captain America, is looking to don a much warmer uniform for SNOW PIERCER from director Bong Joo-Ho (THE HOST).

Joo-Ho wrote the script along with Park Chan-wook, director of the original Korean cult classic OLDBOY, who will also be producing.

SNOW PIERCER follows a train full of travelers struggling to co-exist while the world has entered a new ice age.

Production is slated to begin in March and will be the first U.S. film for Joo-Ho. Evans is currently filming the true-life mob hitman film THE ICEMAN and will no doubt be jumping back into the red, white, and blue when Captain America 2 starts coming together.

Personally, I like Evans. I was happy he got the part of Cap and I was amazed at what he did with the role. Given the right material, I think Evans can easily outrun the cheeky, funnyman persona that seems to plague the other guys chasing the same roles (coughRyanReynoldscough). I think he’s on the right track.

Extra Tidbit: Bong Joo-Ho’s THE HOST was South Korea’s highest-grossing film of all time. I thought it was “aiight.” Anyone else see it? Thoughts?
Source: Collider



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