Chris Hemsworth can't believe McBride is the son of Dundee in new clip

I have to agree with Chris Hemsworth on this one when I say, really? Like, for real, really? I suppose that we live in a time when anything is possible, but even the universe has its limits, right?

Anyway, we've got a new clip for DUNDEE: THE SON OF A LEGEND RETURNS HOME that features Chris Hemsworth meeting Danny McBride's Brian Dundee for the very first time, and well, I think we all can relate to the Australian-born actor's absurd level of perplexity, here.

Recently, while speaking with People about the forthcoming comedy, McBride told the outlet that "To be a real Crocodile Dundee, I think 95% of it is the vest and then 5% is just being able to not fall down and stay on your feet." Paul Hogan, who praised the first CROCODILE DUNDEE as a film which has "stood the test of time," added his voice to conversation by saying, "Throughout the past few years, I’ve been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation. I’m excited to introduce the new Crocodile Dundee to the world and look forward to sharing more news about those involved very soon."

Well, I'll be damned, folks. I must confess that I have no idea what this movie will amount to, if anything at all. However, I want to go on record, right here and now, by saying that whatever this thing is, I am here for it. Honestly, with so many "been there, done that" ideas being greenlit in Hollywood, nowadays, I'm at the point where I feel like an out-of-left-field, goofball comedy is just what the doctor ordered. Bring on the throwback jokes and McBride's rude boy brand of humor! Bring on the fish-out-of-water trope that carries a big knife!

G'day, mates, and let us know what the hell you think is going on with this project in the comments section below.

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