Chris Hemsworth hopes that Thor: Ragnarok will include a lot more humor

I'm sure that the THOR films definitely have their fair share of fans, but personally, I find them to be the weakest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I still enjoy them for what they are, but I can't help but feel that they could be so much better. Thankfully, everything we've heard about THOR: RAGNAROK so far has me feeling much more excited than I ever was for either of the first two films. As production on THOR: RAGNAROK isn't expected to get underway until the summer of 2016, there's much we still don't know about the film, but Chris Hemsworth spoke with CinemaBlend and revealed his hope that THOR: RAGNAROK will include some GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY style humour.

I think [Thor 3] needs to be injected with that sort of smart wit and unexpected kind of humor, kind of what James Gunn came in and did with Guardians [Of The Galaxy]. It was like off center and unpredictable, and I think we can definitely use a dose of that, you know?

Taika Waititi, director of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, will be helming THOR: RAGNAROK and Chris Hemsworth seems quite excited by what Waititi will be bringing to the table.

I feel we had less of the sort of the naivety or fun or humor that the first [Thor] might have had. I wish we had more of that in the second [movie] … We’ve done regal. We’ve done Shakespeare, and we’ve shown that. I think now it’s time to go, 'Ok, cool. Let’s try something different,' and Taika just had such a brilliant sort of take and funny kind of ideas about where we could [go], how we could do that.

THOR: RAGNAROK is said to be somewhat of a "buddy picture" which will bring Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) into the world of Asgard. A report by Birth.Movies.Death has claimed that THOR: RAGNAROK will be Marvel's darkest film yet, and that Marvel hired Taika Waititi to help "brighten the corners of Ragnarok while maintaining writer Christopher Yost's apocalyptic vibe." If THOR: RAGNAROK really will be as dark as they say, a dose of humour, which Marvel does quite well, would be a welcome addition.

THOR: RAGNAROK is set for a November 3, 2017 release.

Source: Cinemablend



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