Chris Hemsworth is "cute as Christmas" in Ragnarok behind-the-scenes clip

Chris Hemsworth is one of the top leading men working today, and everyone in the business is itching to work with the dashing Australian/God of Thunder. As evidenced by this new clip for a behind-the-scenes featurette for the Blu-ray, this is because Hemsworth is very collaborative, charismatic, and gifted actor. He is also, as can only be described by Jeff Goldblum, as “cute as Christmas.” I would like to ask what Goldblum means by that, but I think you’ll understand perfectly well when you watch.

I know Hemsworth shirtless is hard to top, but when you’re done with that one be sure to scroll on down to watch another clip exploring Cate Blanchett as the villain Hela. The two-time Oscar winner has an infectious fun side that she brought to RAGNAROK, and she discusses bringing a certain physicality to the role.  

The movie looked insanely fun to make, so I can only imagine the behind-the-scenes special features will be just as enjoyable to watch. So far I'm already having as much fun watching these clips as I did with the movie, which is a testament to the kind of on-set vibe director Taika Waititi is able to cultivate with his crews. Now can you imagine if you got him on an AVENGERS movie?

THOR: RAGNAROK hits digital on February 20 and Blu-ray March 3.

Source: Marvel Studios



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