Chris Hemsworth shares heartfelt Mjolnir tribute video


One of the first ways the new THOR movie proved it was going to be unlike any journey the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) has gone on was by showing Hela (Cate Blanchett) breaking his mighty hammer like an egg. The hammer, Mjolnir, has seen plenty of battle over the years and was less of a weapon and more like an extension of the man himself. Watching Hela smash it to bits must have been like losing a child, and to pay tribute to that magical child Hemsworth has taken to social media to post a tribute video to Mjolnir. 

Contained in it are some of Thor’s greatest moments, including against the Chitauri in AVENGERS and bringing Vision to life in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Now, please, light a candle as we remember the most loved hammer in all the world.

I’m sure many thought seeing Thor lose his hammer in the trailers for THOR: RAGNAROK thought it was just a plot gimmick, and that through magic or something the hammer would be reborn and given back to him. But, nope, the thing is toast, done-zo, kaput! It ceases to be. On top of that, Thor also lost his eye in his battle against Hela, and by the end, he's looking like a spitting image of his father, Odin (minus a few thousand years off the face). But, he did discover he has the power to harness and use lighting as a weapon, so, that’s neat.

Thor will be a much different character after the events of RAGNAROK, and even with Mjolnir gone, he’s more powerful than ever. The movie lived up to the promise of completely giving the character a makeover, and only time will tell how the MCU uses the new Thor. But, for now, we must mourn as we would any fallen friend. I would like to go around the room and have everyone share their favorite Mjolnir memory. You start first. Yeah, you, in the hat. 

THOR: RAGNAROK is in theaters now!

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