Chris Pine is Robert the Bruce in first Outlaw King image

Many movie fans may remember the name Robert the Bruce as a character portrayed in the movie BRAVEHEART (played by Angus Macfayden), but the historical figure has a rich and exciting history worthy of his own movie. He’s now getting that film – OUTLAW KING – courtesy of HELL OR HIGH WATER director David Mackenzie with Chris Pine starring as the legendary Scotsman. The first image of Pine in the lead role has just dropped, and he definitely looks like he needs a rousing speech from Mel Gibson:

Take a look and click to embiggen:

Filming is officially underway in Scotland for the Netflix movie, which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh (LADY MACBETH), Tony Curran (THOR: THE DARK WORLD), Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon on GAME OF THRONES) and Billy Howle (DUNKIRK). According to a press release from Netflix, KING “takes place over the extraordinary historic year when Robert the Bruce fights to regain control having been crowned King of Scots, only to be defeated in a surprise attack and made an outlaw by the English King and his occupying forces.”

Mackenzie, who worked with Pine on HIGH WATER, spoke highly of his star saying Pine will “bring intensity and flair to Robert the Bruce and his struggle to take back his country, being crowned King of Scots, then suffering a disastrous defeat and left on the run with just a handful of supporters only to claw his way, with bravery and cunning, back to victory.”

The movie sounds awesome, and Mackenzie delivered a tremendous piece of work with HELL OR HIGH WATER, and this movie should put his skills to the test. It’s great Netflix is giving him the opportunity to do something this big, but I feel like an epic like this should really be seen on the big screen. The movie is set for next year, and if it comes out for Oscar season then chances are it will get a limited theatrical run, in which case all fans of great epics should keep an eye out.

OUTLAW KING is set for 2018.

Source: Netflix



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