Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence have fun in space in new Passengers trailer

This Christmas will see a lot of big releases, but one that has potential to be YUGE is the upcoming romantic/sci-fi flick, PASSENGERS. Stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are at the top of their games with hit franchises in the can, and show little sign of slowing down. Because of this you’d be right in assuming this will basically end up being SPACE TITANIC, which either sounds awesome or terrible depending on your perspective. But the movie is rapidly approaching its Christmas release, and to remind you of that here is the third trailer for the space romp.


If I were to see this trailer before any other, and didn’t know what it was called, I would guess the title was SILLY OUTER SPACE FUN TIME. We get very little details on the plot as the footage opts to attract the younger, mostly female, audience it’s marketing toward with a bubble gum montage of Pratt and Lawrence having a jolly ol' time in space. I mean, I won’t judge the movie itself based on this footage, but I much prefered the first trailer that offered at least some hint at a sci-fi thriller angle. But, hey, whatever gets asses in seats.

PASSENGERS with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence arrives December 21.



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