Chris Pratt looks very serious in new image from Jurassic World

I think director Colin Trevorrow was trying to use some of the positive buzz for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to help promote his upcoming JURASSIC WORLD with his latest tweet. Both films star Chris Pratt, and last night Trevorrow tweeted a new look at Pratt from JURASSIC WORLD. In case you think this is just a coincidence, the director also tweeted "See you next summer, Star-Lord. #GOTG."

Someone's gonna lose a finger if they're not careful:

Hopefully we'll get a full look at the dinosaurs appearing in JURASSIC WORLD soon, but until then we're going to have to make do with images like this one featuring boring humans. Many are quite excited to check out the dinos from JURASSIC WORLD, especially the new modified dinosaur. When do you think we'll get a first look at the creature?

Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC WORLD also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, Judy Greer and Vincent D'Onofrio, and will be in theaters on June 12, 2015.

Source: Twitter



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