Christoph Waltz joins Robert De Niro and Jason Clarke in The Candy Store

This movie just got a whole lot more interesting.

Christoph Waltz has joined Robert De Niro and Jason Clarke in THE CANDY SHOP. The film, "interweaves several storylines set against a dynamic criminal underworld in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. A former covert operative (Jason Clarke) discovers the organization he was dedicated to fighting is now operating in his new backyard. When he teams up with a disgraced local cop (Robert De Niro), their investigation leads them to an international sex trade entrepreneur (Omar Sy), a Cold War consigliere posing as a typical American suburbanite (Christoph Waltz), and a beautiful girl wrapped up in an elaborate threat against Manhattan. Stephen Gaghan (TRAFFIC, SYRIANA) will direct and produce from a script he co-wrote with Shannon Burke."

Before the plot was a rather simple one, and now that this casting news has come out its rather complex. It certainly went from "I'll see it because De Niro's in it" to "YEP. Waltz and awesome story. I'm in." Frankly, I feel like I don't have enough Waltz in my life. If he'd like to come to my house, I would make him delicious sandwiches and serve him alcohol. In my dreams, obviously.

Source: Lionsgate



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