Christoph Waltz to host SNL on February 16th!

Christoph Waltz is not a name you would expect to host Saturday Night Live, but I am damn glad he is. SNL has had several stars who were known for more dramatic work (John Malkovich, Alec Baldwin, Christopher Walken to name a few) who after appearing on the show launched very strong careers making comedies. While Waltz's recent films INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, CARNAGE, and DJANGO UNCHAINED have all been critically acclaimed, they all have strong comedy elements to them, albeit in a much darker tone.

Waltz will fit in nicely on SNL but I hope they give him some quality sketches to showcase his abilities. The man is a phenomenal talent and I want him to make me laugh but not at the expense of a silly sketch. Oh, if only Kristen Wiig was still on the show to play against him.

Entertainment Weekly shared this news along with a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live after Waltz won the Oscar for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS that should be a nice sampling of what to expect on SNL.

The Christoph Waltz hosted SNL with musical guest Alabama Shakes will air on February 16th.



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