Christopher Lloyd cast in Guess Who Died NBC comedy pilot

Great Scott! TAXI and BACK TO THE FUTURE actor Christopher Llyod has been offered the chance to co-star opposite Hector Slizondo, Holland Taylor and Beth Lacke in GUESS WHO DIED, a single-camera comedy pilot for NBC.

Headed up by Norman Lear (GOOD TIMES, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES) and Peter Tolan (RESCUE ME, BEDAZZLED), GUESS WHO DIED is based on Lear’s personal experiences and described as a humorous and eye-opening look at the shared joys and challenges we all experience at any stage of life. Set in the Las Esperanzado Senior Community in Palm Springs, it centers on Murray (Elizondo), a retired music executive who is positive and upbeat with sparkling eyes and a keen, sharp and wonderful sense of humor. Holland plays his sister-in-law, Patricia.

For the show, Lloyd will play Mort, a sour and crotchety man of mystery and wealth, who spends his days motoring around in a golf cart around the Las Esperanzado Senior Community grounds. The show is said to provide Lloyd, now 79-years-old, with the opportunity to spread his comedic wings, once again.

Oh boy, I bet when that golf cart hits 88 miles per hour, we're going to see some serious shit.



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