Christopher McQuarrie confirms he's on board for Mission: Impossible 6

Rumors started swirling a few weeks back that writer/director Christopher McQuarrie may return to the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise after his stellar job on ROGUE NATION, and it looks like some level of involvement has been confirmed by the man himself. Taking to Twitter to announce it, McQuarrie had the following to say:

Now, to play devil's advocate, McQuarrie doesn't say he's returning to direct this installment, although I think it's a pretty safe bet. The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series has always boasted a collection of varied directors in bringing its single-serving stories to life. The fact that McQuarrie is probably returning to direct may clue us in to a sequel that more closely follows the events of the previous film. I'm, of course, referring to the wonderful Rebecca Ferguson who kicked some major ass as Ilsa Faust. Holy hell would I love to see her and Ethan Hunt team up on some more missions! With Paramount Pictures wanting to keep the momentum going on this series, we're bound to hear more official word soon!

Paramount is aiming to start production on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 in August of 2016.

For the next film, Tom Cruise will hold his breath for the entire run-time.

Source: Twitter



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