Christopher Nolan working on a 4K remaster of The Dark Knight trilogy

The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan 4K

As we eagerly await the release of Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK, we may also get to look forward to the re-release of many of Nolan's previous movies in spectacular 4K. Sitting down for an interview with BadTaste.It, Nolan confirmed that he is currently involved in the process of remastering much of his back catalogue in 4K, including BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

The wonderful thing about 4K technology is it gets closer to the resolution that we shot in film. Photochemically finished films of 35mm have at least 6K resolution, IMAX films, upwards of 18K. So as home video formats keep evolving, 4K — particularly 4K with HDR, it allows us to give somebody in the home an experience that’s much much closer to what it was like to see the original film prints as projected on film, and I think that's a very exciting prospect.

Christopher Nolan added that he is "very much" involved in the development of these 4K remasters, and although it's a "long, complicated process," the results have been "very pleasing and very spectacular." Both BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT were released in the early years of the Blu-ray format, so they'll likely be the ones to benefit the most from a fresh remaster. I haven't jumped aboard the 4K Ultra HD train just yet, but if the results really are as spectacular as Nolan claims, it's entirely possible that THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy in 4K may just be the push I need.

Are you willing to double/triple dip on THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy in 4K?

DUNKIRK, Christopher Nolan's latest, will focus on the very real experience of the Allied soldiers who were stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk as they awaited evacuation while surrounded by the German Army. The much-anticipated film is set for a July 21st release.

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