Update: Nolan's next film will NOT be North by Northwest meets Inception

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UPDATE: Well, as it goes sometimes, new information can turn out to be be bad information and it's been confirmed that the news from Production Weekly about Nolan's latest endeavor being a "romantic thriller, NORTH BY NORTHWEST in tone meets INCEPTION" is not accurate. There is no current information available about what the film will be, so stay tuned as we anticipate some more accurate info to come down the pipe. Stay tuned. - EIC

As a master of modern day cinema, it's always something of an "event" whenever DUNKIRK helmer Christopher Nolan announces that he's working on a new project. Trust me, I've witnessed the "Nolan Effect" firsthand at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. While waiting for my fellow co-workers outside the San Diego Convention Center Press Room, I overheard a conversation between two con-goers in reference to what Nolan could get up to next. At the drop of his name, the larger of the two individual's eyes went wide, then promptly began to gloss over as he imagined the possibilities. It was quite the scene. There might have even been some drool, though I can't say for certain as I made it a point to excuse myself from the "splash zone." My point being, Nolan is often a cause for excitement, and today, Production Weekly has described the filmmaker's next as a romantic thriller akin to NORTH BY NORTHWEST meets INCEPTION.

That got you going just now, didn't it? Do you need a bib before you read the rest of this article? Go ahead. Don't worry, I'll wait ...

Okay, so to add another log to the fire, Nolan is once again teaming with his INTERSTELLAR and DUNKIRK cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema for the untitled project. And while the term “romantic thriller” is a bit of a headscratcher, I do have faith in Nolan's ability to deliver a complex narrative where characters bound by heartstrings can find themselves thrust into compromising situations. Perhaps we'll get to see Nolan wield weapons of intimacy and intrigue in the new film, coupled a with kiss of Hitchcockian suspense? Your guess is as good as mine, and I must admit that I'm rather jazzed to find out.

No details other than that cameras will begin to roll in June are available at this time, which should serve as an open invitation for all of you Nolan fans to begin speculating wildly about the filmmaker's plans. So let's hear it! Sound off in the comments section below, and let us know what you think Nolan is cooking up for his next feature.

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