Chuck's Captain Awesome is a potential Captain America

When director Joe Johnston recently mentioned that they were zeroing in on a star for CAPTAIN AMERICA, online speculation accelerated straight to rumors or legit possibilities.

One actor ready and willing to slap the A on his forehead as Marvel's patriot is Ryan McPartlin, best known as "Captain Awesome" on TV's "Chuck". As McPartlin tells Moviehole: "It is in the casting process and like many other actors, I read for it, so we'll wait and see what happens. Regardless, I'm pretty psyched to be Captain Awesome for the time being."

McPartlin seems like he'd be a great choice, at least superficially -- I don't know about his range, but he's pretty awesome as Awesome. But he's probably facing some stiff competition for the square-jawed hero.

Meanwhile, Big Shiny Robot claims that actor Chad Michael Murray (HOUSE OF WAX, TV's "One Tree Hill") is telling people he's one of two finalists for the role.

I personally still think "True Blood" co-star Alexander Skarsgård would be the right pick, but fancasting has also tossed out names like Jensen Ackles, Matt Damon, Cam Gigandet, Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Leonardo DiCaprio, and probably Bruce Campbell.

If Johnston's claim was true, we should know who'll wield the shield for sure within the next few weeks.

Extra Tidbit: McPartlin auditioned for Superman, but lost the role to Brandon Routh... who is currently guest-starring on "Chuck".
Source: Moviehole



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