Chucky returns for more playtime in Cult of Chucky trailer

Forget diseases, a zombie invasions, monsters or demons living in a cupboard. The greatest threats to humanity are clowns, spiders and dolls. It’s a fact as old as time, and the latter has been exploited to terrifying effect for decades with the CHUCKY series. The murderous doll will return in CULT OF CHUCKY to prove why we should burn down certain sections of Toys r’ Us right this very moment, and if to you need more motivation you can watch the first trailer below.

How a creepy doll has been able to stand next to FRIDAY THE 13TH’s Jason and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’s Freddy as one of the most iconic slasher villains of all time is no mystery. The voice work from Brad Dourif is suitably haunting and the fact that all dolls most likely want to kill us have made for an eternally scary villain. CULT OF CHUCKY will be a must see for fans, although I don’t know why they take pride in making themselves terrified of the toy aisle at Wal-Mart. If you’re wondering if the eyes on that toy Superman are following you, the answer is yes.

There’s no need to see it in a pesky theater to see CHUCKY, as you can buy it right away on Blu-ray and digital later this year.

Source: Universal
Tags: 2017, Chucky, horror



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