Chucky's back for a Child's Play reboot and spin-off

You may have already forgotten that there's a CHILD'S PLAY reboot in the works.

News originally dropped back in 2007, way before Hollywood was pumping out remakes like nobody's business, that CHILD'S PLAY would get a do-over. Then it was back on in 2010, but quickly got delayed indefinitely. Now it seems that it's back on again.

During a CHILD'S PLAY reunion panel at The Mad Monster Party, a horror and science-fiction convention held in North Carolina, it was confirmed that the reboot was still happening. Then it was mentioned that a spin-off would be taking place. The spin-off would be called, REVENGE OF CHUCKY and involve his "immediately family". Brad Dourif (Chucky himself) said that he was involved with both the reboot and the spin-off.

Don Mancini is still set to write and direct. The new film is said to be a, "darker and scarier retelling of the original film, but one that will offer new twists and turns."

Source: Moviehole



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