Civil War author Mark Millar addresses concerns over film version

Unless ROGUE ONE continues to do terrific business in the coming month or so, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR will end up being the highest grossing movie of 2016 with a global total of $1.153 billion. The film won over critics and fans, and stands as one of the MCU’s grandest achievements. That being said, not everyone can like every movie, and CIVIL WAR is no exception.

Mark Millar, the writer of the limited event series that CIVIL WAR is based on, recently took to his website, Millarworld, to offer a list of his favorite movies this year. On the list were ZOOTOPIA, STAR TREK BEYOND, DOCTOR STRANGE, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS and more. However, the famed writer also made a list of movies he wasn’t too hot on, and CIVIL WAR made the cut, but not for reasons you’d expect:

Civil War had a good opening twenty mins, but then I honestly can't remember what the movie was about. It's interesting the Russos have a background in comedy because it's really missing in these otherwise well-made pictures and very, very missed. I really hope this bleakness doesn't extend into their two Avengers pictures because what made that first Avengers work was the light as well as shade and I'll be sad if that's all lost like it was in this picture.

Is he sure he wasn’t watching BATMAN V. SUPERMAN?

Though based on the Civil War story line, CIVIL WAR deviated from the comic in major ways. You would think this would be a big reason for Millar to dislike the movie, but the lack of humor seems like an odd gripe, especially considering the movie was often hilarious (with big prizes going to Spider-Man and Ant-Man). He compliments other Marvel movies on their abundance of humor and lightness, and though this movie had its share of emotional moments is still considered to have much of that humor too.

Other movies on his not-so-hot list include BVS, FINDING DORY, ROGUE ONE and GHOSTBUSTERS, some of which are movies I also have issues as well. The man is of course entitled to his opinion, certainly earning the right to it with years of tremendous work under his belt. I wouldn’t say I agree with his issues over WAR, but I do know some folks who aren’t “Marvel people” simply because they don’t really find the movies fun or entertaining. Hey, as long as the man put THE NICE GUYS in his top 10 (which he did) he’s alright with me. #GoslingCrowe2020.

Source: Millarworld



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