Clash of the Titans....in 3D!

Was AVATAR not enough 3D Sam Worthington for you? Good news then. Warner Bros. is testing out scenes from CLASH OF THE TITANS in 3D to decide whether they want to convert the entire movie to the extra-dimensional format for its March 26. The studio has a deadline of the end of next week to make their decision to convert to 3D and still make the current release date.

UPDATE - Box Office Magazine spoke with director Louis Leterrier on CLASH in 3D and this is what he had to say. "Everything is going to come right at your face...You'll be going through the tentacles of the Kraken, following the Pegasus for three seconds and then the claw of a scorpion is going to snap right at you—jump right out." Leterrier also add something I hadn't thought of - whether converting to 3D presents a ratings challenge. When discussing whether Warner Bros. will decide to it he mentions, "It's also a rating issue because now it gets really scary." In the end though he says he "think(s) it's going to work" and that we'll know for sure on February 3.

A number of upcoming films have considered converting to 3D (IRON MAN 2 among them) but most have decided to pass on the idea. But CLASH could be the first in the post-AVATAR environment where extra money brought in from 3D screenings has given the film a significant financial boost.

A significant issue may be that March already has two significant 3D releases in ALICE IN WONDERLAND and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (which opens the same day as COTT) and 3D screens might be at a premium. A Warner Bros source told The Hollywood Reporter they saw this as "no problem" but that might be wishful thinking.

Are you interested in seeing CLASH OF THE TITANS in 3D? Do you wish studios would convert more 2D films to 3D?

Extra Tidbit: Geez pretty soon our website will be in 3D. Or at the very least our tweets...
Source: THR



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