Cleopatra now considering David Fincher for the director's chair

Despite THE SOCIAL NETWORK coming up short at the Oscars this year, director David Fincher is still as hot a property as ever. He's currently filming THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and is attached the inevitable sequels. He also is onboard for Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA.

But now there might be a new project on the horizon bigger than either of those. He's reportedly being considered to helm CLEOPATRA, which has Angelina Jolie set to star as the seductive and shrewd Queen of the Nile. According to Deadline, the picture will show her side of the story as a brilliant manipulator and politician, rather than just having her be a sexpot the way she was back when Elizabeth Taylor played her.

James Cameron was the last director in line to helm the picture, but that was before he signed on to two more AVATAR sequels. Fincher is a busy guy, but he might make time for CLEOPATRA, espceially if he doesn't let DRAGON TATTOO become his DA VINCI CODE, which has sidelined Ron Howard and Tom Hanks for too long.

No one is a bigger fan of Fincher than me, so I'd be all for this combo of him, Jolie and an epic story. What do you think about Fincher possibly taking up the reins on CLEOPATRA?

Extra Tidbit: So, who to play Marc Antony?
Source: Deadline



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