Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams do some Father-Daughter bonding in this trailer for Trouble With The Curve

The cast alone is a draw for TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE-- Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, Matthew Lillard, Robert Patrick and John Goodman. But how is the first trailer for the film?

Not half bad. Since Eastwood is spending less and less time behind the camera, it's hard not to want to see a film that he is in. In this one he plays the usual crotchety, old man who knows his shit and wants to be left the hell alone. If Matthew Lillard doesn't get the hell off his lawn, he's probably going to whoop his ass. Also, will I ever forget that Justin Timberlake was once that spongey-headed kid in N*Sync?

Long time protégé, Robert Lorenz is the helmer on this one. Did he do well by his mentor? I guess we'll find out on September 21st.

Synopsis: With his sight failing, an aging baseball scout takes his daughter with him on a trip to check out a hot prospect.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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