Clint Eastwood set to replace Steven Spielberg on American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper

American Sniper/Eastwood

Most of you were bummed when it was announced that Steven Spielberg was no longer going to direct AMERICAN SNIPER with Bradley Cooper but according to Twitch, Warner Bros. has found one hell of a replacement: Clint Eastwood. Twitch says that Eastwood has "gotten the nod" to direct and that Cooper is still attached to star and produce the film.

Even with a new director it could be some time before filming starts for AMERICAN SNIPER: Clint Eastwood is getting ready to shoot JERSEY BOYS this fall and Bradley Cooper will be working on Cameron Crowe's untitled project, so the earliest they could work on AMERICAN SNIPER would be after those films are finished.

AMERICAN SNIPER is an adaptation of the autobiography by Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and is about a sniper who over a ten year career accumulates the most kills in Army history. Both Spielberg and Eastwood have experiences with war films, but it'll be interesting to see Eastwood work on one with a more modern setting. It sucks anytime a film loses a legendary and talented director, but I think we can all agree that Clint Eastwood is a fantastic replacement for Steven Spielberg.

Extra Tidbit: I still can't believe Clint Eastwood is directing JERSEY BOYS.
Source: Twitch



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