Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman are warriors in the trailer for Last Knights

Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman are two of my favorite actors. While Freeman has garnered the critical acclaim and trophies to make any number of bad movies, Clive Owen has yet to maintain the A-list status deserving of his acting talents. LAST KNIGHTS doesn't look like it will do much to turn that around for either of them. Directed by Kazuaki Kiriya (CASSHERN), LAST KNIGHTS looks like a cross between KING ARTHUR and the recent Nicolas Cage movie OUTCAST.

Clive Owen plays Raiden, a commander following his dishonored master (Freeman) as they battle to take down an evil emperor. The movie action looks solid but I cannot tell if the movie is set in Europe or Asia or a fictional amalgam of both. The cast is diverse and multi-cultural with a distinct Asian flair to the set design and costumes.

Still, Clive Owen looks pretty solid as the stoic warrior while Morgan Freeman's facial hair is an accomplishment all it's own. LAST KNIGHTS is not likely to make anyone's top ten list this year but it could be a fun time at the movies.

LAST KNIGHTS hits theaters and on demand starting April 3, 2015.

Source: USA Today



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