Clive Owen in talks to join Will Smith in Ang Lee's Gemini Man

Clive Owen Will Smith Ang Lee Gemini Man

I can't be the only one who misses seeing Clive Owen up on the big-screen, and thankfully, Variety reports that the actor may soon be joining Will Smith in Ang Lee's upcoming GEMINI MAN, an action-thriller which follows Henry, an "aging assassin who tried to get out of the business but finds himself in the ultimate battle: fighting his own clone who is 25 years younger than him and at the peak of his abilities." The details of Owen's character are unknown, but it's said that it will be an antagonist role with THR adding that he could be the head of the cloning program.

In addition to Clive Owen, the announcement of the female lead is expected before too long as Ang Lee will be meeting with Tatiana Maslany (STRONGER), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE), and Elizabeth Debicki (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2) in the coming weeks. The three actresses are up for the role of Danny, an operative who works for the same company as Henry and is assigned to surveil him, but soon teams up with him instead. The project was first set up at Disney in 1997 with the late Tony Scott set to direct, but it was long considered to be unfilmable because visual effects technology hadn't yet caught up with the concept. Now, the notion of 50-year-old Will Smith clashing with his 25-year-old counterpart doesn't sound quite so outrageous. The studio is still figuring just when production will get underway due to Will Smith's busy schedule, but it's expected to kick off by the spring. This might just be crazy enough to be amazing. Sign me up.

GEMINI MAN is set for a October 4, 2019 release.

Source: Variety



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