Clive Owen will do his best to remember for Recall

Even though he's starred in a number of high profile films over the years, I can’t help but think Clive Owen has really never lived up to his full movie star potential. He’s a charming Brit that can kick ass, and so why does Jason Statham have a handful of franchises, while he gets none?

Perhaps he’ll make a mark in his next role, penned by RAGING BULL writer Paul Schrader. What’s it all about?

The film tells the story of “an NSA agent trying to piece together the events of a botched hostage rescue operation. As the agent begins to recall events and unearth the truth, he finds he can trust neither his fellow soldiers nor his own mind.”

So, MEMENTO plus a hostage crises eh? I’ve definitely heard worse concepts, and it earns automatic points for being not based on a book, board game or old film. More details on this once we know them.

Extra Tidbit: He did have a franchise, nevermind. BMW Films!
Source: Variety



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