Clooney joining Depp?

We learned the other day that Johnny Depp has signed on to play Tonto in the upcoming LONE RANGER movie. That, of course, begged the question, "Well who the f*ck is gonna play The Lone Ranger?" Johnny Depp is about as A-list as you can get and who could you possibly get that could be as big as that? Well how about a former Batman? No, not Val Kilmer (though that would be hilariously awesome) but George Clooney. Ain't It Cool is reporting that Clooney is in "early talks" to star as Lone Ranger opposite Depp's Tonto. According to their source, Clooney has shown "a lot of interest," and is talking to Disney about the role but that it's far from a done deal. My question would be why Clooney would want to sign on to star in a film where he'd clearly be second banana? No offense to Clooney but Johnny Depp is in such an acting zone that people are just in love with his characters. Why would an established guy like Clooney take the lead role only to know whatever wackiness Depp comes up with for Tonto will eventually overshadow his Lone Ranger? Of course this is just me theorizing. If I were Disney, I'd find an established B-list guy and let Johnny Depp be your selling point. Why pay both of these guys the salaries they'll no doubt command? Stay tuned as this develops...

Source: AICN



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