Cloud Atlas blu-ray/DVD release date and specs announced!

For those that missed the Wachowski's/Tom Tykwer's CLOUD ATLAS, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Keith David, Ben Whishaw, James D'Arcy, Susan Sarandon, and Xun Zhou, your opportunity to finally see it is on the horizon.  Warner Home Entertainment will release the film on Blu-ray/DVD/digital download on May 14, 2013. 

The film, lauded as a visionary spectacle, received a lukewarm box office, likely due to its complex nature and almost three-hour running time, but seems primed to settle nicely into cult movie status.  I am one of the few (many?) that missed it in theaters, but am very excited to finally see it.  Every so often we miss a film we really wanted to see, but the timing just didn't work out.  If the film is as "visionary" as they say, then I hope it finds a big audience on video.  It sure worked out okay for DREDD 3D.

Here's the synopsis:

From acclaimed filmmakers Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, and Andy Wachowski, the powerful and inspiring epic drama “Cloud Atlas” explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future.

Here's the specs:

DVD Languages: English, Latin Spanish, Canadian French BD Languages: English, Latin Spanish, Canadian French DVD Subtitles: English SDH, Latin Spanish, Parisian French BD Subtitles: English SDH, Latin Spanish, Parisian French

Running Time: 172 minutes

Rating: R by the MPAA for violence, language, sexuality/nudity and some drug use DLBY/SURR DLBY/DGTL [CC]

Here's the Features:

· A Film Like No Other

· Everything is Connected

· The Impossible Adaptation

· The Essence of Acting

· Spaceships, Slaves and Sextets

· The Bold Science Fiction of Cloud Atlas

· Eternal Recurrence: Love, Life, and Longing in Cloud Atlas

CLOUD ATLAS arrives on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital download on May 14, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think this is headed for cult status?



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