C'mon Hollywood #113

... get it together Lindsay!
by Sturdy

It’s no secret that I can’t stand slutty, untalented girls that have somehow managed to appear in films. I despise Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and a slew of other nasty women that grace the cover of every tabloid at the grocery store. But of all the disease infested cooches in Hollywood, there’s one girl that I hate seeing end up like that; Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, yeah, let’s get all the jokes out of the way. She’s easy, she’s stupid, she’s slutty, she’s nasty, she’s (insert your own insult here), but she’s also talented.

Go back to the days of THE PARENT TRAP and end with BOBBY and what you’ll find is a resume filled with good performances from a girl that has a natural screen presence and can captivate an audience. Don’t tell me MEAN GIRLS would be the same with a lesser actress in the lead, or that CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN would even be watchable with Hillary Duff in the lead role. Lindsay has a star quality and she can turn a bad film into mediocre film just by being in it. Or at least she used to be able to.

Even though she’s a little screwed up right now, she’s still hot.

Now’s the time to discuss JUST MY LUCK. You can read my review of the film here , but the gist is that that Lindsay Lohan is not the Lohan we know. That was the drunk Lohan you’d expect to find in the back of a night club snorting coke off the bathroom floor. She looked horrible, and all of her natural talent seemed to have disappeared. Despite my natural notions to laugh at her because she’s rich and dumb, as a movie fan, there’s a part of me that feels sorry for her and wants her to get her life back together.

Despite all the jokes, this picture is sad to see

I think the time has passed for people to make excuses for her. We know her dad seems like a douche-bag and her mom might even be worse. We know she experienced fame before she was ready and somehow took a stupid pill before dating Wilmer Valderrama (on a side note, how the hell does that guy get so much play?). But now she’s 20-years-old and if she can get clean and surround herself with quality people, she can have a long and successful career ahead of her. If she doesn’t, then I’m afraid she’s going to wind up in b-movies or on a bad reality TV show.

The first step is to stop hanging out with the walking petri dish.

The good news for Lindsay is that she has a ton of great projects that she’s either signed to star in or rumored to be involved in. GEORGIA RULE, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME and SPEECHLESS all sound like great projects to showcase her acting talent. The trick now is for her to not screw those films up by being late, screwing off or staying out too late, otherwise she’ll piss off the wrong person and be out of work forever. Recent reports of her entering rehab and then dropping out are not good signs, but I’m hoping that she can forget she ever met Paris Hilton or any of her minions and just focus solely on her acting career. No one wants to see such a great talent go to waste. So get it together Lindsay, you're a good actress and Hollywood needs the clean Lindsay Lohan in more films.

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