C'MON HOLLYWOOD: Learn to take a joke!

The Hollywood Foreign Press had it coming. Just take a look at the Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy category. The fact that the presenters could read a list that including Johnny Depp for THE TOURIST and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, in addition to Jake Gyllenhaal for LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, Kevin Spacey in CASINO JACK, and Paul Giamatti in BARNEY’S VERSION without breaking into giggles is an accomplishment in itself. Of the nominees, Giamatti was the no-brainer, and luckily he won, but how the hell did Depp get nominated for two horrible films?

Simple, because the HFPA are star-f**kers. And Ricky Gervais exposed them for what they are. God bless that man, who not only rightly ridiculed the Hollywood Foreign Press, but was also good-natured enough to think Hollywood had a sense of humor.

The verdict is still out whether or not they do, but the press has been ripping Gervias to shreds, claiming this was a mean broadcast. Bullshit. It was a roast, and the recipient was Hollywood. Go on YouTube and check out the Dean Martin Celebrity roasts, or the more recent comedy central roasts. After watching these, you’ll be amazed at how laid back he actually was.

I mean, really, what was so mean about his jokes? Bruce Willis being Ashton Kutcher’s father? Heck, Bruce Willis seemed to think it was funny. Tim Allen being a bit of a hack? Well, if the shoe fits. Robert Downey Jr., having been in rehab? Really, is there anyone who doesn’t know about this? Why not have fun with it? Downey was quick enough to jab back at Gervais, so of them all, he seemed to be the one that actually understood this was a roast.

Probably the only really inflammatory joke was the one that seemed to suggest John Travolta and Tom Cruise are gay. While he didn’t come out and name them, by referring to a couple of famous Scientologists, who else could he be talking about? The rumors have been around for years, and at this point, who cares if it’s true. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Who knows for sure, but who cares? It’s a joke! Cruise is still awesome (if somewhat cuckoo) and Travolta, well, he was awesome fifteen years ago. And if they can actually have a laugh at their own expense, that makes them even cooler.

Have they ever listened to him take the piss out of Karl Pilkington on THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW? He’s all about taking the piss. That’s just who he is-and he was damn funny. People just need to chill out, and learn to take a joke.

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