C'MON HOLLYWOOD: We need more female superheroes!

At this point in time, we’ve seen just about every comic book to ever be created, come to life. If you’re trying to figure out what has been done over the years, I suggest you go ahead and make a list of films that haven’t been done instead… it would be much shorter. I love comic book movies. I can guarantee that if there is a comic book movie coming out, there is about a 99% chance that I want to see it. I’m almost always disappointed with how it turns out, but lately, comic book movies have been getting better.

With that being said, there are virtually no female comic book heroes being put on the big screen. I mean, we had Elektra, but she was a joke, right? I mean seriously now, Jennifer Garner as the saucy superhero Elektra? She was terrible in both Daredevil and her very own self-titled spin-off. So terrible that I’m going to stop talking about it and try to forget that Elektra ever happened. With Elektra out of the way (and hopefully soon out of my mind), that leaves pretty well one female superhero left: Wonder Woman. WW is the first female superhero that pretty well comes to everybody’s mind. I mean, we have Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but they’re all characters coming from Batman. Wonder Woman is pretty well the only hero who has stood as her own and been a constant icon for women. She’s been around since December of 1941, and I must say, she looks damn good for her age.

I know that there’s Supergirl and all, but in my opinion, I don’t think she does as good of a job of standing alone as a superhero as Wonder Woman does.

How many years have we been hearing about a Wonder Woman movie in the works? They just never get the green light, which is seriously disappointing. I know that the Lynda Carter was hokey, but the movie doesn’t have to be. I mean, even freaking Batman was hokey back then, but he got another chance - SEVERAL other chances, as a matter of fact. So why not Wonder Woman? Why does the Batman deserve another chance, while Wonder Woman has to fight to get the praise that she deserves?

I don’t want to get all girl-power on you all here, but the ladies need an icon too. Sure, we have empowered women like Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, but if politics or shooting bears and moose isn’t your thing, then who do you turn to? Earlier this year, it was announced that a new Wonder Woman show would be happening. Fans immediately got into a frenzy discussing what the costume would be, who would play Wonder Woman and how the show would do. Obviously, many fans debated these topics, but the one thing that everyone could agree on was that Wonder Woman needed a modern touch, she needed an awesome job, a sexy social life and a just a whole new modern personality. It needed a fantastic team of writers and above all, a strong, classy female lead. A lead that women could look up to, I mean, Wonder Woman is an AMAZON people - that doesn’t imply a size zero, anorexic supermodel to play the part. Think Lucy Lawless as Xena, only more Monica Bellucci-ish.

What fans got was the scrawny Adrianne Palicki. And the costume? Well, fans got gypped on that too. Last year, Wonder Woman got a rebooted costume for the comics. It took a while for me and other fans to get used to, most of us came around agreeing that it was time for a change and enjoying the modern look that the artists had given her. I think that the Wonder Woman writers were trying to base Palicki’s costume off of that, but it just came out freaking awful. Then they tried to fix it and it was even worse. Then, while the show was being filmed, the studio killed it and another Wonder Woman project went down the drain. Although, I must say that this one might’ve been for the best.

Why is it such a horrible thing to want a movie centered on a strong female figure instead of getting stuck with damsels in distress or five freaking Twilight movies starring Kristen Stewart? Is Bella Swan really the female icon we want our young children to model themselves after? The girl who does nothing but cry in her room for months on end, has panic attacks and gets mildly suicidal when her sparkling-vampire boyfriend leaves her? And THEN proceeds to shack up with a werewolf in the absence of said sparkling vampire? The female film buffs of the world need this Hollywood. We need YOU to go forth and find a director, a writer(s) and an all-star cast to lead a smart, witty, clever and enjoyable movie featuring an icon that woman can look up to and boys can ogle at without shame.

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