Co-creator of Chuck to rewrite a Houdini movie involving a modern day quest for magical secrets

Mark Waters direcing GoGP

It looks like we may be getting into "dueling project territory" again - it's something Hollywood has done for ages, most recently involving magicians (THE ILLUSIONIST/THE PRESTIGE) and Snow White (MIRROR MIRROR, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN/Disney's delayed ORDER OF THE SEVEN).  And since it's such a fun rollercoaster for fans and their wallets, hope you're excited to have it happen again!

The subject now may be "the secrets of Harry Houdini," as Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES) currently is working on an adaptation of the book The Secret Life of Houdini: America's First Superhero for Summit Entertainment while Mark Waters (MEAN GIRLS, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES) has been trying to get a Houdini movie going for six years with Walden Media that might finally be gaining ground with the addition of "Chuck" co-creator Chris Fedak.

Waters' Houdini story, the one Fedak is fixing up after several passes by other folks, "centers on an unsuspecting high schooler who finds himself in grave danger when he discovers a family secret leading back to the legendary illusionist. Using clues left through the centuries, he must race to uncover the greatest magical secret known to man."

This won't be the next project for Waters as he has SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH lined up (and possibly Beatles-related time travel in GET BACK), but in the meantime, Fedak seems to be a pretty great fit for this particular project in light of his "Chuck" experience.  What say you?

Amanda Seyfried in black and white

Extra Tidbit: There's a 30% chance that the above picture is of Amanda Seyfried from MEAN GIRLS. There's a 100% chance that she's gorgeous in it.



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