Coen Brothers' next film gets a title and description

The last time we wrote something about the Coen brothers, it was February and we were reporting that the duo was working on a "full-on horror script."

That may have been true, but it turns out that's not going to be their next film, unless they're making a folk music slasher.

According to Variety, their new movie will be titled INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, which follows a folk singer by that name as he navigates the music scene of the 1960s. It's rumored to be a fictionalized account of the life story of singer Dave van Ronk, but will have a few changes to be sure.

The film will feature live music from a singular instrument and have "naturalistic" dialogue for authenticity.

It may not have the trademark violence of a few of their past few films, but it's the Coens, so they can surely make folk music interesting, right?

Extra Tidbit: I hope they still end up doing this horror project as well.
Source: Variety



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