Colin Farrell and Paula Patton in talks for lead roles in Duncan Jones' World of Warcraft adaptation

Deadline has news on the first two casting possibilities for WARCRAFT, Duncan Jones' adaptation of the popular (is it still popular?) video game World of Warcraft. The site is reporting that Colin Farrell and Paula Patton are both up for lead roles in the upcoming film. Farrell has been offered the part, but a source for Deadline says there's a 50-50 chance of him taking the role and Jones is testing other actors for major parts as well.

Based off of the character details that were released at the beginning of August, Colin Farrell might be up for the parts of Khadgar or Lothar. Guessing Paula Patton's character is a little trickier, but in the report it is mentioned that a King and his lady will appear in WARCRAFT, and I wouldn't be surprised if Patton winds up playing the Queen.

I've never played the games and I don't have that much interest in seeing a big screen version, but there is one reason why I'll be seeing WARCRAFT: Mr. Duncan Jones. The director is why many people are keeping an eye on WARCRAFT, and after directing such films as MOON and SOURCE CODE, I'm very curious to see what Jones will do with an adaptation of World of Warcraft.

Production on WARCRAFT is scheduled to start in January, so it'll probably be released sometime in 2015.

And here's why Paula Patton is the queen of my heart...I did say heart, right?

Extra Tidbit: I love Colin Farrell in IN BRUGES, but in my opinion his best performance is in TIGERLAND. If you're a Farrell fan, you should definitely check it out.
Source: Deadline



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