Colin Farrell turns down Arthur & Lancelot

Colin Farrell in Fright Night

Director David Dobkin just can't seem to catch a break these days.

ARTHUR & LANCELOT, which Dobkin himself brought to Warner Bros, was shut down the first time 'round due to costing $20 million more than the $110 million Warner Bros was willing to spend.  Some hope was conjured up when Colin Farrell was said to be in early talks to play the part of Lancelot, but it turns out that his knighthood was not to be. Reportedly Farrell just couldn't swing it with his current schedule, since the role as written would have required a great deal of training and prep. Gary Oldman has also since turned down the role of Merlin and James McAvoy the part of Arthur, but Warner Bros remains "eager to make the movie and cast will materialize quickly."  

Supposedly the studio wants to replicate the tone and style of SHERLOCK HOLMES in the hopes of replicating its success as well - think audiences would go for that?

Sherlock Holmes "make it count"

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