Collet-Serra boards Jungle Cruise over Suicide Squad 2

Despite all the positive vibes from WONDER WOMAN, it seems the DCEU just can’t seem to avoid bad news. In yet another downturn, word is the director much sought after to direct SUIDICE SQUAD 2, Jaume Collet-Serra, has opted out of taking on the sequel to the DCEU hit – and instead is jumping ship for Disney.

Deadline got the scoop that THE SHALLOWS director Jaume Collet-Serra has officially signed on to direct Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming action/adventure film, JUNGLE CRUISE. He was Warner Bros.’ top choice to direct the upcoming SQUAD 2, but he commitments to CRUISE means he will not take on the project. Now the search is back on for a SQUAD helmer, as Serra joins the ranks of men like Rick Famuiywa (THE FLASH) and Ben Affleck (THE BATMAN) to have bowed-out of directing films for the universe.

No plot details for CRUISE were given, but the movie is being written by scribes J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and is being produced by Johnson. Disney's intent is to turn CRUISE, based on one of their amusement park rides, into something akin to the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise. Word is Johnson, who works closely with WB, wanted Serra for the movie, and decided to let the studio work things out with Disney. The writing duo previously worked on STAR TREK BEYOND, but their draft was rewritten by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.

I like Serra as a filmmaker, and personally, I'd rather see what he could do with something like SQUAD, but perhaps he feels like he could leave a bigger stamp on something that's never been done before as opposed to a sequel. I can understand the appeal, and it leaves him with a larger playground to create something that's defined by his own style. Now the hunt is on for a new SQUAD director, and they shouldn't have to run far seeing as how they had the right idea approaching Mel Gibson some time ago.

Source: Deadline



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