Come on and slam! Space Jam returns to select theaters!

There's been some talk about a SPACE JAM sequel these last couple of years because why not? LeBron James has been front-and-center regarding the lead character and last we heard, director Justin Lin would be helming this bad boy. That's all well and good, but how about giving fans what they REALLY want and putting the original slam jam back in theaters? Good news, as that's exactly what Fathom Events is doing!

Come November 13th and 16th, SPACE JAM will play in over 400 theaters to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. You can head over to Fathom Events to procure your tickets and brag, "Hoop! There it is!" to your friends on Facebook. Good Lord, has it already been 20 years?!? I think anyone who grew up with this flick will enjoy a nice slice of nostalgia come next month and if you haven't had the pleasure of rocking out to the slam jam yet, the theater is the perfect place for you first-timers! Here's your chance! Do your dance!

I wrote this entire article from the ceiling because I was listening to the slam jam.

Source: Fathom Events



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