Comedy house Rooster Teeth reveals trailer for first feature-film Lazer Team

If you're a fan of Red vs. Blue, then you've undoubtedly heard of Rooster Teeth. If not, LAZER TEAM might be an unexpected surprise for you. Long story short, comedy house Rooster Teeth has been in business of machinima comedy and other shorts for some time now. They went the crowdfunding route for their first feature-film, LAZER TEAM, and earned over $2 million for their efforts.

The story of LAZER TEAM follows that of a bionic suit sent to us from benevolent aliens, in hopes that we would be able to protect ourselves from the bad guys of the universe. The government had trained one man to use this suit, but as it happens, 4 idiots get a hold of it instead. Each person wears a different part of the suit, granting them a different ability. You can check out some of the sci-fi action below.

I actually really dig the concept for this. I'm not a big Red vs. Blue fan, but it looks like Rooster Teeth has something interesting on their hands with LAZER TEAM. We've seen our fair share of comedy/horror mixes, but if this can do for sci-fi what SHAUN OF THE DEAD did for horror, I think we could have one entertaining flick on our hands.

LAZER TEAM will see a release sometime in 2015.

Source: Rooster Teeth



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