Comic book adaptation The New West tells the tale of LA wiped out by an EMP blast

The New West cover"The New West" is a two issue comic book that I have never heard of. Which also isn't saying much, as I shamefully admit I am not nearly as in the know about the hip-hap in the comic book industry as I might like to be. But I'll definitely be looking this one up, since  "The New West" deals with the interesting concept of "a near-future Los Angeles where an electromagnetic pulse bomb has caused  all technology to stop working. In this hostile environment a disgraced former LAPD detective must rescue a kidnapped mayor with only a horse and a sword." 

The original comic book was first published in 2005 under the imprint of Black Bull Media, the publishing arm of Wizard Magazine, and it is Wizard Magazine's founder Gary Shamus that is teaming up with production house Benderspink to bring this story to the big screen.  Benderspink is no stranger to genre pictures of comic book adaptations, having worked on such projects as A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and RED EYE .  I'm pleasantly intrigued by the filmic possibilities here, but no doubt it will be a while before we hear anything more.

Extra Tidbit: Frank Miller publicly tore up a copy of Wizard Magazine, threw it in the trash, and called it both a "monthly vulgarity" and a "bible written by Satan."



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