Comic book rumor mill: Justice League villain revealed?

Justice League everyone looking right

SPOILERS of course.

There's going to be speculation and unknowns about JUSTICE LEAGUE leading all the way up until the day of its release in 2015, so we might as well start in earnest now.

If today's rumor is true, DC is going to be pulling more of an AVENGERS 2 than an AVENGERS 1 by bringing in the biggest baddie they can to endanger Earth and bring the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, and more together.  And that baddie is...

Rainbow Creature!

Rainbow Creature comp

And by "Rainbow Creature," I actually more mean someone who would, if he were real, in all probability obliterate me for daring to make such a joke:


While primarily an antagonist of Superman first introduced back in 1970, he has gone up against the Justice League and its individual members many times over.  One of the New Gods who hails from the planet Apokolips, Darkseid is an almost-fascistic leader whose main superpower lies in the Omega Beam - energy that he can fire from his eyes and hands that will either stun or disintegrate his foes altogether (or even return them to life).  Beyond even that, as though it weren't enough, Darkseid can also teleport through both space and time, use a power called The Omega Sanction to trap victims in terrifying alternate realities, fly, and possess/manipulate others using both superpowers and the calculations of his vast and expansive intellect.  Not to mention how he's immortal and has already lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

So if this rumor proves to be true, it appears that DC has decided to go balls to the wall and guns blazing on the Justice League's big-screen debut.  Not only are they introducing an entire case of super-powered heroes without any lead-up films to establish them in the general movie-going public's eyes as characters they should care about, but the villain is one whose powers (at least initially) appear to trump anything that can be thrown at them.

Never let it be said that DC didn't try, right?

Think they can do it?

Darkseid - comic book drawing

Extra Tidbit: Wonder Woman - pants or no pants for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie?
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