Comic-Con 2012: The Community panel in Ballroom 20

Greetings comic book enthusiasts, movie lovers and everyone else in between! 2012 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL will officially be kicking off starting Wednesday and ending on Sunday and the JoBlo team will be here covering the biggest panels, one-on-one interviews with the big stars, other large events as well as cool photos and videos from the exhibit floor.

You know I'm sad to say that I've never actually sat down and started watching "Community" from the very start but I'm not a huge TV guy to begin with plus there's so many shows out there that it's easy to skip a few here and there. However all the YouTube clips I've seen over the past year or so have always given me huge laughs and the cast seem like a riot. Well yesterday was a special day for all the Community fans from around the world who all gathered into the 4,000 seat Ballroom 20 to see their favourite community college students talk about the show as well as the upcoming 4th season. It's been a hell of a struggle for the show to stay on the air making new episodes but I have a feeling they've got a lot of fight left in them. Enjoy the breakdown of the panel below.

- Everyone started off saying how excited they are for season four and that we'll be seeing a lot of cool stuff.

- Alison Brie's boobs became the talk of the panel for a couple minutes. Can't say I blame them.

- The big quote for the panel was "Six seasons and a movie!"

- In season four, we will meet Jeff's father.

- Joel McHale started texting during the panel under the table but he defended himself resulting in big laughs that he was only "composing" text messages.

- There was a lot of talk about the Pillows and Blankets episode including very little budget for it and then they played some favourite scenes from the cast members.

- They all then spoke about the Law & Order episode and how good the producers of that show were to let them use material from it including the famous "Du Du" sound effect.

- The writers said they were constantly influenced by the fans and writing episodes based on what they shared online.

- We get to see Pierce's house in season four and apparently is pretty disturbing.

- There could be a graduation for the characters at some point but they're not sure yet.

- They talked about the season three DVD including commentaries on every episode and then finally showed a piece of the bloopers that will also be included.

- They tried to get Alison Brie to rap but it didn't work out followed by the cast saying that even though the show has won no Emmy's, the fans still make it a winner.

- They showed a fan appreciation video showcasing all the amazing paintings, clothing and so much more that the fans have made from the show and characters over the years.

- Danny Pudi then did his famous Batman impersonation which got the Ballroom 20 roaring.

- There was some questions including one from a fan who was laughed at by the panel cause she was wearing a bathrobe from the Marriott hotel nearby. Also another audience member revealed his mad crush on Gillian Jacobs and got to come up to the stage and give her a high-five.

- They finally spoke about the popularity of the Inspector Space Time conventions, a web series and then the panel wrapped up. Lots of fun!

Extra Tidbit: Chevy Chase and Donald Glover couldn't make the panel.
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